Rock Hall Rejects Dolly’s Rejection

Rock Hall Rejects Dolly's Rejection

( – Dolly Parton, 76, is one of the most beloved music legends in America. She was nominated to join the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year but she recently posted a message on social media bowing out. That didn’t go over well with the Hall of Fame.

On March 14, Dolly released a statement saying she was “flattered and grateful” she was nominated to the prestigious Hall of Fame but didn’t think she was worthy. She asked that officials withdraw her name because she didn’t want to split the votes. She wished all of the other nominees good luck and asked that the Hall of Fame consider her again someday, adding, “if I’m ever worthy.”.

A few days later, on March 17, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation declined Dolly’s request. In a statement to NPR, the organization said the legendary artist’s statement was “thoughtful” but her nomination already went out to their 1,200 voters. The foundation said officials were “in awe” of her “brilliant talent and pioneering spirit” and are proud she was considered. They posted a similar message to social media.

Dolly is one of the few candidates in the foundation’s history who was nominated for all four EGOT awards – The Emmys, GRAMMYs, Oscars, and Tony Awards. Throughout her career, she has been nominated for a GRAMMY 50 times and won 11. She’s also won 10 Country Music Association Awards.

The Hall of Fame will announce the winners in May.

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