Ron DeSantis Ends VP Speculation Once and for All

Ron DeSantis Ends VP Speculation Once and for All

( – The political world is still buzzing over the possibility of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and former President Donald Trump facing down each other in a primary fight. The former president has already declared his candidacy, while Florida’s Republican governor has stayed mum. There is one rumor DeSantis wanted to clear up.

On Thursday, March 23, DeSantis told Newsmax that he’s “an executive guy” when asked if he would consider joining Trump’s ticket as vice president. He explained that he is the governor of Florida because he likes to get things done, implying he wouldn’t be able to do that as a VP. The Florida governor isn’t far off. If he were elected to serve as the number two guy in the White House, he would have limited power.

The day after DeSantis’ interview, Trump called into the network’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” and also shot down the possibility of the two of them on the same ticket. The former president said it would be a “very unlikely alliance.” He went on to say that he’d never even considered the Florida governor a possible running mate. Aside from other people mentioning it occasionally, he’s not thought about it.

Trump brought up his long-standing problem with DeSantis. In 2018, the governor ran for office for the first time, and the 45th POTUS endorsed him after DeSantis ran on a MAGA platform. Fast forward a couple of years, the governor was asked if he’d run against Trump for the White House, and instead of immediately saying no, he said, “I have no comment.”

Trump sees the “no comment” as a betrayal. As it gets closer to the primaries, the former president has repeatedly attacked the governor and even nicknamed him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

As for the governor, he has said he doesn’t care what Trump calls him as long as he also calls him a “winner.”

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