Ron DeSantis Gets Major Endorsement for Potential Presidential Run

Ron DeSantis Gets Major Endorsement for Potential Presidential Run

( – The 2024 Republican primary is heating up. A handful of candidates have already declared, but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is not one of them. Nonetheless, he received a major endorsement from a popular lawmaker.

On Wednesday, March 15, Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy announced he is endorsing DeSantis for president. The Freedom Caucus member sent out a fundraising email making the announcement. CBS News reported he said that he believes “it’s time for younger, but proven, leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change.”

The remark about eight years is one of the issues that some Republicans have had with Trump running for president again. He will only be allowed to serve one term because of limits set by the Constitution. That means, in four years, the GOP would have to find a new candidate and go through the primary process again rather than run someone who already had four years of accomplishments under their belt.

Roy posted a statement on Twitter, too. The conservative said the American people need someone who is going to fight the woke culture and corporate excess.

The congressman pointed out that DeSantis “loves freedom and the rule of law,” plus he has the courage to fight for both of those ideals. Roy said the governor has made the Sunshine State “stronger and freer.”

The Republican seemed to take a dig at Trump when he pointed out that DeSantis managed to win over and over again in his state while “other Republicans were faltering in key races.” In the wake of the 2022 election, the 45th president was criticized for endorsing candidates who lost their races, like Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R). Meanwhile, the people DeSantis endorsed in Florida swept their elections.

Roy is the first congressman to endorse DeSantis for president.

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