Ron DeSantis Is Vetoing Multimillion Dollar Sports Project With Taxpayer Money

Ron DeSantis Is Vetoing Multimillion Dollar Sports Project With Taxpayer Money

Ron DeSantis Orders Immediate Veto – He’s Shutting It Down!

( – Florida’s Republican governor upset some sports fans after he vetoed millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for the Tampa Bay Rays. Now fans are split on the decision — and its potential links to political activism.

On May 26, the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees used their home broadcasts before a game to promote gun control; the Rays pledged to donate $50,000 to an anti-Second Amendment group, Everytown for Gun Safety. Unfortunately, they didn’t consider how smart it was to spend money pushing a political agenda at the same time as they were asking Florida taxpayers to build them a new training facility.

In March, the Florida Legislature allocated $35 million to build a new sports complex in Pasco County for the Rays’ spring training. Last Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) vetoed it, saying he disagrees with making taxpayers fund a professional sports stadium — and adding, in a clear reference to the Everytown donation, “it’s inappropriate to subsidize political activism of a private corporation.”

Some Rays fans were quick to condemn the veto, with one saying DeSantis “needs to be more tactful.” However, others backed him, arguing the government shouldn’t be involved in sports. Meanwhile, the ultra-liberal Washington Post slammed the veto in an editorial, claiming it was a threat to free expression — then admitted it agreed with him that the state shouldn’t use taxpayers’ money to support sports teams.

The Tampa Bay Rays opened the 2022 season with their biggest payroll ever — players will earn a total of $78,245,400 this year. Do they really need taxpayer dollars to build a new stadium?

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