Ron DeSantis Memo Leak Shows Reveals What Is Coming

Ron DeSantis Memo Leak Shows He's Panicking

( – Over the past few months, there have been a lot of eyes on the Republican primary race for several reasons. First, with former President Donald Trump’s snowballing legal woes, many are wondering if he has what it takes to go the distance. Second, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is the only one who seems to present a remote threat to Trump’s campaign. Now, a recently leaked document shows exactly what DeSantis plans to do in order to win.

NBC News recently obtained a copy of a confidential campaign memo, which outlines DeSantis’s plan of attack. It addresses the fundraising benchmarks, noting that efforts to raise money far exceed what Trump brought following his announcement. The memo points out that “the ballot is very fluid” this far out from the election, with many voters not expected to decide who to vote for until the debates occur or they meet the potential candidates.

The DeSantis campaign outlines several policy solutions for perceived failures on President Joe Biden’s part, such as the border, economy, foreign policy, and China, to start. Then it plans to broach the subjects of “woke military, the deep state, school choice and beyond.” It also notes that they “won’t avoid Trump’s failings when asked.”

While DeSantis originally had a lot of support out of the gate, it seems that some of his donors or would-be donors have changed tracks. Back in 2022, megadonor Ken Griffin, for example, said he was backing away from Trump in favor of DeSantis, but in recent months has clashed with the Florida governor on some issues. In a recent statement to CNBC, a spokesperson said Griffin “continues to assess the field.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump’s lead over DeSantis has grown in recent days. As of July 14, the former president sits at 49.7%, 28.7 percentage points ahead of the Florida leader (21%).

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