Ron DeSantis SURGES – Big Change Reported!

Ron DeSantis Holds Commanding Lead Over Challenger Charlie Crist

Ron DeSantis Holds Commanding Lead Over Challenger Charlie Crist

( – Floridaโ€™s Ron Desantis (R) is a first-term governor, but heโ€™s had plenty of opportunity to lead. As one of the most vocal names in Republican politics, DeSantis led the fight for more parental voices on school boards. He championed legislation to keep the stateโ€™s children safe, and showed what a leader looks like in the wake of one of the worst natural disasters in history. According to a new poll, the stateโ€™s voters will likely reward him with a landslide win.

On October 17, Interactive Polls posted numbers showing Desantis’s commanding 10-point lead over his Democratic challenger, Charlie Crist. Independents favor the Republican by a score of 59% to 38%, A 21-point swing. Among his own party, Christ garners 84% support. DeSantis draws the favor of a remarkable 94% of GOP voters.

The sizeable lead is a big change from four years ago when DeSantis squeaked into office by half a percentage point. His huge lead helps solidify the GOPโ€™s hold on the state, which the governor says will see a state majority of registered Republicans vote for the first time.

Elsewhere in Florida, Republican Senator Marco Rubio leads challenger Val Demings by more than four points. In the highly-contested 1st Congressional District, incumbent Matt Gaetz has a 2-point lead over Rebekah Jones.

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