Ron DeSantis Takes Aim at US Military

Ron DeSantis Takes Aim at US Military

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has made so-called “wokeness” a huge focus of his administration and campaign. He’s known for saying that the Sunshine State is “where woke goes to die.” The governor has signed numerous bills into law in his state that target policies tackling racial inequalities, LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, and school programs he believes indoctrinate children.

If elected president, DeSantis said, he intends to take aim at similar federal programs. Recently, he pointed toward the Department of Defense as one of the places he believes will benefit from his anti-woke policies.

Military Policy

On July 18, DeSantis unveiled his “Mission First” policy during an event at a Columbia, South Carolina, airport hanger. State Rep. Joe Bustos (R) praised the presidential candidate for his time in the military and claimed “no one wants to hear about pronouns” in the Armed Forces.

DeSantis said that he’s going to get rid of initiatives that were put in place to add diversity to the military. He claimed the Navy’s use of “drag queens to recruit people” has China laughing at the country. The Chinese government has, in recent years, targeted inclusion programs, shutting down pro-LGBTQ+ groups in public universities and elsewhere. DeSantis intends to implement similar policies and rid the military of inclusiveness so that China won’t have “an advantage.”

The governor’s presidential campaign released a video vowing to remove all of the policies belonging to Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Those policies include allowing transgender service members to stay in the Armed Forces. Obama also ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the military. DeSantis promised to restore the military “to its glory.”

DeSantis’ plan would also eliminate climate change initiatives and punish military members who engage in politics. Service members who were kicked out during the national health crisis for not complying with mandates would be reinstated. And he would also end the programs currently rooting out white supremacists who are serving.

DeSantis Defends Policy

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the governor defended his proposals. He pointed out the problems the military branches are having with recruiting, saying that “everybody has acknowledged these recruiting levels are at a crisis.” He believes that’s because citizens view the Armed Forces as having lost its way by “not focusing on the mission, and focusing on a lot of these other things.”

Ultimately, the governor hopes to reshape America like he has reshaped Florida and make the military stronger than ever.

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