Ron DeSantis Vetoes Controversial Bill

Ron DeSantis Vetoes Controversial Bill

Ron DeSantis VETOES Controversial Bill – He Won’t Allow It!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) promised he was going to protect the Everglades when he ran for office in 2018. He’s repeatedly proven he intends to keep that promise. In fact, he did exactly that when he went up against a lawmaker from his own party recently.

On June 8, DeSantis vetoed Senate Bill 2508, legislation that would have changed Florida’s policies for Everglades restoration projects. Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) wanted to pass it months ago, before the regular session ended in March, but the governor and others pushed back. Supporters of the legislation then watered the language down to pass it. Still, it wasn’t enough for DeSantis.

Action News Jax reported DeSantis spoke about the legislation after vetoing it, saying he plans to continue down the path of protecting the Everglades. The report also indicates he submitted a letter to Secretary of State Cord Byrd saying the bill would have created “unnecessary and redundant regulatory hurdles” that could have hurt Everglades restoration projects, regulation schedules, and water control plans.

Environmental groups criticized the legislation saying it would have not only set restoration projects back but actually could have sped up the destruction of the state’s wetlands. Chairman of the South Florida Water Management District, Chauncey Goss, issued a statement saying the veto proves the governor’s commitment to protecting the state’s resources.

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