Round One of Stimulus Payments Headed Out

Round One of Stimulus Payments Headed Out

( – The stimulus payments promised to eligible Americans should be arriving in bank accounts very soon. Those with direct deposit on file with the IRS will be the first to see the money, which is up to $1200 per qualifying individual. Of course, that’s not good enough for the Progressive Liberals who want to redefine “Americans” to include those who are here illegally.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the day-to-day life in the United States. Shopping, socializing and working are all impacted. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits is staggering at almost 17 million, that’s roughly 11% of the entire workforce.

This first run of payouts will prioritize those living on fixed incomes that come from their Social Security benefits. Also in the first group will be those who already have their electronic banking info on file with the IRS.

The people who need paper checks will have to wait anywhere from several weeks to months while some 30 million checks are printed and mailed. Physical checks will be mailed out in waves and will be scheduled based on reported income. Those with the lowest adjusted gross income will be first, beginning April 24, per Forbes. The last wave will come in September for those who didn’t provide information to the IRS and those with the highest reported qualifiable income.

If you’re scheduled to receive a paper check, however, the government has set up a portal where you can set up a direct deposit account to shorten the waiting period.

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