Rubio Demands Biden Apologize to Capitol Police

Rubio Demands Biden Apologize to Capitol Police

( – On February 10, during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Democrats played a video depicting the bravery of the Capitol Police officers during the January 6 incident in Washington, DC. But, as Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) later pointed out the Left was singing a different tune a few weeks ago — and now he wants them to apologize.

In the aftermath of the incident, Joe Biden actually spoke out against Capitol Hill police. During a speech, he compared the law enforcement response that day and how they reacted to the BLM protests over the summer in 2020. He said black people would have been “treated very, very differently.” He wasn’t the only one though. Kamala Harris also attacked the police, accusing them of allowing “extremists” to get into the Capitol.

Rubio called the Dem leaders out for their hypocrisy.

Biden and Harris owe the Capitol Police an apology. Without it, the Left’s outrage means absolutely nothing.

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