Russia Disinformation Ratcheting Up as Ukraine Tensions Rise

Russia Disinformation Ratcheting Up as Ukraine Tensions Rise

( – The tension between Russia and Ukraine has reached new heights. As the West battles Vladimir Putin in the media, he’s being accused of waging a disinformation war to muddy the waters.

According to an Axios report, Russia is allegedly weaponizing its state media to spread disinformation in order to gain support for its aggression toward Ukraine. NewsGuard, a tech firm that fights misinformation, revealed the three most common lies being told in Eastern Europe.

  1. Ukraine is committing genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas region.
  2. The West tried to overthrow the Ukrainian government in 2014.
  3. Ukrainian politicians believe in the same ideology as Nazi Germany.

US officials have been warning the world for weeks that Russia was allegedly going to use fake news as a pretext to invade Ukraine. Putin spent months claiming the West was lying about its plans to enter the neighboring country, even saying it was sending troops back to their home bases when the country was reportedly increasing troop levels.

On Monday, February 21, Russia finally made its move. Putin declared he considers the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine independent, then hours later, he reportedly ordered troops to enter the country to occupy the regions. Now, the world is waiting to find out what the Russian president will do next.

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