Russia Just Sent a Deadly Message to America

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The U.S. announced Monday that they were cutting off talks with the Russians because the Russians have been running roughshod over the latest cease-fire agreement, and they’ve been beating the hell out of Syrian civilians, including more than 100 children killed just in the last week, as well as targeting hospitals and aid convoys with bunker-busting bombs.

Within hours of the announcement, the Russians made an announcement of their own: they would be installing an anti-missile, anti-aircraft system in Syria, and they were bailing out on the deal they cut with the U.S. to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium. This is a crystal clear signal that Putin is putting on the pads and gloves, ready for a fight—a fight with the United States?

So, we can do what we’ve been doing and sit around studying our navels wondering why Putin is such a bad man, and then planning for more “talks” to try and convince him to quit being such a big bully. Or we can swallow hard and acknowledge that there are people in the world who are simply evil. Period. And he is one of them. Shouldn’t we respond to this evil with deadly seriousness, as if our lives depended on it?

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