Russia Orders Cut Off of German Pipeline, With Germans Fearing It’s Permanent

Russia Orders Cut Off of German Pipeline, With Germans Fearing It's Permanent

Russia Orders It CUT OFF – Government Begins to Panic!

( – For several years, Europe led the way in reducing carbon emissions over concerns about global climate change. Still, much of Europe lacks natural resources of oil and natural gas. So, it relies heavily on imports. The only exception is France which uses nuclear power for 70% of its energy needs.

Despite numerous warnings, Germany moved ahead with an agreement with Russia to supply the country with vast amounts of natural gas. However, the Ukrainian invasion has caused issues between Russia and most of the West. On Monday, July 11, the Kremlin said it shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for annual maintenance. Yet, German officials suspect Russia may not turn it back on in retaliation for its role in sanctioning the former Soviet state over its war on Ukraine.

Trump Warned Germany In 2018

In 2018, then-President Donald Trump warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel not to support Russia’s $11-billion natural gas pipeline. German taxpayers didn’t fund it. So who benefited? Trump said it was the Russians to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars each year to Russia’s coffers. The natural gas pipeline deal displeased Trump, who felt it was inappropriate for two reasons:

  1. Germany wasn’t meeting its financial commitment to NATO and felt the US was contributing heavily to its defense.
  2. Russia was a direct threat to the West.

The former president said Russian President Vladimir Putin would control 70% of Germany’s energy needs. Therefore, it would become captive to Russian interests after the Germans eliminated their coal and nuclear power plants.

In 2021, President Joe Biden waved sanctions on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, irking many on both sides of the aisle in Congress and earning opposition from Eastern European countries. Now, Germany could face a severe energy crisis if Russia cuts off the natural gas due to its economic sanctions and support of Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO.

Will Russia Turn the Natural Gas Pipeline Back On?

The possibility that Russia may not turn the natural gas pipeline back on after scheduled maintenance concerns German officials. In addition, Russian company Gazprom reduced natural gas by 60% in June through Nord Stream 1. It cited problems with a gas turbine. A Canadian company supplies parts, and recently Canada approved a sanction waiver to help Germany.

Still, Germany dismissed Russia’s explanation for the Nord Stream 1 technical problem. Instead, officials believe Gazprom purposely drove up prices and created energy uncertainty to undermine foreign policy. German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck insinuated that he expects Russia to concoct more technical reasons for not resuming gas deliveries to the country.

In June, Habeck enacted stage two of three of an emergency energy plan. It’s a warning that Germany faces a gas storage and supply crisis ahead of the winter.

Will the emergency plans be enough to stave off a severe energy crisis?

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