Russia Targets Jill Biden in Backlash Over US Sanctions

Russia Targets Jill Biden in Backlash Over US Sanctions

Russia TARGETS Jill Biden – Punishment Ordered!

( – Western countries imposed strict sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine at the end of February. The former Soviet nation didn’t take it lying down and issued retaliatory measures against a number of US officials. Recently, the country went even further and targeted some very public Americans.

On Tuesday, June 28, Russia’s foreign ministry expanded its “stop list.” Now, it includes First Lady Jill Biden, the First Daughter Ashley Biden, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and 22 others. Fox News reported the ministry said the sanctions are a response to the United States’ actions against Russian public figures and politicians.

Russia has banned the named Americans from entering the country. Still, it’s unclear how that would hurt the officials because none of them had made any public announcements about traveling there. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters it’s no surprise the country would issue additional sanctions, calling Moscow’s “capacity for these kinds of cynical moves” bottomless.

Earlier this year, Russia’s first round of sanctions left the country open to mockery. The ministry banned “Joseph Robinette Biden,” but the president’s official name is Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. During a press conference, then-Press secretary Jen Psaki joked that the POTUS “is a junior, so [Russia] may have sanctioned his dad — may he rest in peace.”

What do you think about the latest sanctions against US officials and public figures?

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