Russia Threatens Retaliation If Demands Are Not Met

Russia Threatens Retaliation If Demands Are Not Met

( – In December 2021, Russia issued a number of demands to de-escalate tension with Ukraine. On Wednesday, January 26, the Kremlin warned it would take “retaliatory measures” if the US and NATO didn’t meet its demands. Later that day, Secretary of State Antony Blinken formally responded to the demands.

President Joe Biden’s administration and NATO both offered separate written responses that gave Putin a choice to either enter into formal negotiations or invade Ukraine and face crushing economic sanctions. Both rejected Putin’s demands to withdraw all NATO troops from former Soviet nations that used to belong to the Warsaw Pact. The Russian president also wanted guarantees that Ukraine would never be allowed to join NATO – that was also rejected. NATO maintains an open-door policy, allowing countries to join its alliance if they meet certain criteria.

Blinken said the administration isn’t publishing the written response to Russia because it wants to maintain some confidentiality should Putin decide to negotiate.

Russian lawmakers have largely dismissed the response to Putin’s demands. Konstantin I. Kosachev, a member of Russia’s Parliament, said that although there are discussions that should take place with America, he believes his government should take “military-technical” measures since the West did not agree to its demands.

Blinken said what happens next is now up to Russia.

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