Russia’s Enemies Think Biden Will Cave to Vladimir Putin

Russia's Enemies Think Biden Will Cave to Vladimir Putin

( – Prior to President Joe Biden assuming office, there was a lot of concern that he wouldn’t be tough on the country’s adversaries like President Donald Trump was. The 45th POTUS always put America and its allies first to ensure they were safe. Now, just over a month into his first term, those same allies are worried Biden is not up to the challenge of being head of state.

On February 22, Axios published an exclusive alleging America’s allies in Eastern and Central Europe are worried Biden won’t stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specifically, the former Soviet leader is currently building a gas pipeline with Germany called the Nord Stream 2.

Trump vocally opposed the pipeline because it furthered the Russian goal of isolating Ukraine by bypassing the country with a direct line.

The allies are concerned that Biden isn’t willing to upset Germany’s leader Angela Merkel or get tough with Putin. Without the help of the US, security in the region is at risk, making everyone less safe. At a time when there are already so many economic woes, and tensions are already high, this is the last thing the world needs.

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