Saagar Enjeti Calls Out Mexico

Saagar Enjeti Calls Out Mexico

“Good morning, everybody” never started as much trouble this week as it did on “Rising with Krystal and Saagar” recently. Despite the polite start, the news anchor had a LOT to say about Mexico and their complete failure to address illegal immigration — and why the President’s Tariffs were the right move.

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. And that’s how, generally, allied nations are supposed to act. Mexico is supposed to be there for the United States. Unfortunately, Mexico, up until this point, does absolutely nothing when it comes to quelling illegal immigration that is streaming across our southern border.”

Saagar is absolutely correct. It took Trump’s tariff threat to fix Mexico’s behavior at the border. Now, they’re finally willing to play ball with this new trade deal that also helps American businesses. Seems like hitting them in the pocketbook is the best motivator.

Watch the segment for yourself below.