Salt Lake City Calls Racism a Public Health Crisis

Salt Lake City Calls Racism a Public Health Crisis

( – When one hears the term “public health crisis,” some of the things that might come to mind are COVID-19, food insecurity, and even maternal mortality rates. Racism is not something ordinarily tied to the term. Unless, of course, the person talking is a liberal who wants to make everything under the sun a problem related to racism.

On July 20, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall (D) and the city council signed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis. The declaration states racism adversely impacts the health of minorities, both mentally and physically. The city council pointed to the alleged racial disparities of people who have died from COVID-19. The resolution also discusses cancer screenings, infant mortality rates and low birth weights.

The city council and mayor claimed they will take steps to address the alleged crisis. They have promised to create an “equity plan” in order to “review all city practices and policies” that might contribute to health inequities and systemic racism.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with confronting racism, this seems over the top. The city council is blaming many of the problems in the healthcare system on racism when they impact people of all colors. COVID-19 doesn’t just target racial minorities, it has killed over 600,000 people in the US. People of all colors also face economic inequality. Maybe the council needs to focus on lifting all of its residents up instead of dividing them.

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