Sanders Advocates Stealing From Business Owners

Sanders Advocates Stealing From Business Owners

If this isn’t extreme socialism, we don’t know what is. What we do know is that Bernie has crossed the line and is ready to take the business you built and not sell it, but literally give it away.

Maybe it was his recent health scare. Maybe he just knows that Trump is playing the long game and he needs to do something drastic to beat our current president in his bid for a second term. Whatever the case may be, Bernie Sanders is showing how extreme — and dangerous he is to the American people. Now his latest offer is your business.

We don’t mean the presidential hopeful is running commercials to outsell you or turn customers away. No, he literally wants to give the business you own to your employees — 20% of your business, to be precise.

Under Bernie’s plan, any business that has $100 million in revenue or on the balance sheet total will be required to give 2% of the company to employees every year until employees own 20% of the company. In addition, these same rules would apply to any company that’s publicly traded and workers would have a vote on actions the company can take.

That’s right, people with zero knowledge of how to run a business (which is probably why they don’t own a business but are employees instead) will carry 20% of the vote. He’s calling it corporate accountability. We’re calling it theft and horseshi*t.

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