Sanders Attacks Bloomberg

Sanders Attacks Bloomberg

( – Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) took to the airwaves on Friday to denounce one of his rivals in the race, Michael Bloomberg.

This didn’t come as much of a surprise, considering that Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist and Bloomberg is a billionaire.

While being interviewed, Sanders spoke about the qualification changes for the next Democratic debate. “If you’re worth $60 billion, you can change the rules,” Sanders said. This statement was made after the Vermont Senator appeared on CNN and said that Bloomberg “is trying to buy the election.”

The Democratic National Committee announced at the end of January that they’re eliminating the unique donor threshold for the next presidential debate, which takes place in Nevada on February 19.

This rule change means that Bloomberg, who is using a large amount of his own money to run, could get the chance to participate in his first debate if he meets the polling threshold.

In order to participate, presidential candidates have to poll at 12% in state polls from South Carolina or Nevada or reach 10% in 4 national or state polls. The polling dates are February 15-18.

We’ll let you know who ends up qualifying for the debate as soon as the names are released.

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