Sanders Catching up to Biden in SC

Sanders Catching up to Biden in SC

( – With the New Hampshire primary in the past and the Nevada caucuses happening this weekend, presidential hopefuls have started setting their sights on the South Carolina primary happening on February 29.

The Polls

A recent poll done by East Carolina University shows Biden in the lead, with 28% of the vote. He’s followed closely by Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) who has 20% and Tom Steyer with 14%. The other candidates all have single-digit numbers, with Tulsi Gabbard coming in last with only 1% support.

While Biden supporters might get excited seeing that he’s still in first place, they shouldn’t count their chickens just yet. When this same poll took place a couple of weeks ago, Biden had a much larger lead, showing support from 37% of voters while Sanders only had 14%.

Why the sudden increase in the number of Bernie Supporters? Well, they could be coming from an unlikely place: Republicans.

Republicans for Bernie

South Carolina is different from many states because it has an open primary. This means that a person can vote in the Democratic presidential primary even if they’re a registered Republican.

Some of Sanders’ support is coming from Tea Party Republicans who live in South Carolina and don’t like the fact that their state has an open primary. It’s been argued that having an open primary allows for watered-down politicians and unfair results.

By voting for Sanders in the primary as a form of protest, Tea Party Republicans are trying to prove that when members of a particular party are allowed to vote in a primary for the party they don’t belong to, they can change the results in ways that aren’t really fair.

Proving a point isn’t the only reason some Republicans are voting for Sanders though. Others are doing it to help improve Trump’s chances of winning in November. Many Republicans, including President Trump, see Sanders as the least electable candidate in the race. They believe that if he gets the nomination, he’ll never be able to beat Trump. Chances are, they’re correct.

Last Chance

Either way, it seems like Biden is out of luck. This is his third time running for president and he’s never won a primary. He’s not popular enough with his own base to be a sure thing, and yet he’s enough of a threat to Republicans that they want to make sure he doesn’t have a chance to go up against Trump.

It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll handle a potential loss. Before the New Hampshire primary was even over, he left the state to attend a rally in South Carolina, leading many people to believe that he wants to use the state’s outcome to boost his campaign. This could be Biden’s last chance to prove that he should continue.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.

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