Sanders Nomination Opens House for Republicans

Sanders Nomination Opens House for Republicans

( – Bernie Sanders(D-VT) could be the best thing for the GOP. In fact, Republicans in Congress are thrilled that the Democratic Socialist and presidential contender is taking a commanding lead in national polls. He could pick up enough delegates by Super Tuesday to make it difficult to stop his nomination this summer.

Last year, Republicans were in dire straights over losing the House to Democrats in the midterm elections.

However, with Trump currently enjoying the highest ratings of his presidency and the Democratic party swinging wildly to the far-left, Republicans believe they can flip 18 seats in November and win back the House. They are targeting 30 seats currently held by Democrats in areas that voted for Trump in 2016.

Sanders Jumped Out in February

In February, Sanders jumped out to a significant lead after caucuses in Iowa and Nevada, and a primary in New Hampshire catapulted him ahead of his fellow Democrats.

Sanders is running on the most far-left policies ever presented to voters in American history. His proposals included free healthcare, free college, student loan debt elimination, a $15 minimum wage, and massive climate change legislation (the Green New Deal). In total, the costs for these programs exceed federal spending by four times the amount of revenue collected per year. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the cost of his plans to be in excess of $100 trillion over ten years.

Senior House Republicans believe it no longer matters who wins the Democratic nomination for president this summer. Whoever the nominee is will be stuck with the “socialist label.” Republicans believe this will clear a path for GOP gains in November as down-ballot Democratic candidates have to defend their party’s positions this fall.

Sanders Helps House Republicans

Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said Sanders has helped create a clear contrast “between freedom and socialism” and that there couldn’t be a “better distinction between the two choices.”

House Minority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said the Democratic Party is now the party of socialism and is “out of touch with Mainstream America.” Scalise went on to say that he believes Democrats will pay the price for aligning themselves with Sanders.

Making matters worse for Democrats, Sanders has declared a political war on the party. That has forced moderate Democrats to sound the alarm that Sanders will be a nightmare for them to defend. Moderates are also trying to remind voters that it was moderate Democrats who won the House in 2018, not far-left candidates.

Ads are currently being run in South Carolina by Democratic groups that warn about Sanders’ policies being too extreme.

As Sanders surges, so does the divide in the Democratic party between moderates and the far-left. The divisions being created threaten to turn the party into a national minority party.

If that happens, it could create the perfect storm for Republicans — giving them a good reason to feel ecstatic.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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