Sanders Won’t Quit, Military Academy Athletes Get Good News, US and NK Getting Warmer

Sanders Says He’ll Stay In the Race, Even If He’s Not Wanted

Bernie Sanders made it very clear during an interview before the Democratic debate on Wednesday that he intends to run for president, no matter what. The odds are stacked heavily against him, though.

Liberals believe that the past election was rigged against Sanders. They say that, if he had won the nomination instead of Hillary, he would have beat Trump. A ridiculous claim, but that’s how the Left thinks.

Even if Sanders loses the nomination again this round, he insists he won’t back down like last time. Not that it matters — he has no chance at beating Trump in 2020.

Trump Allows Service Academy Athletes to Play Pro

Once again, Trump is looking out for America’s service members.

Acting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was told by President Trump to allow athletes currently enrolled in ROTC programs or at service academies to play professional sports right after they graduate. Esper has three months to develop the new policy.

Currently, athletes have to get a waiver in order to play any pro sports, and they can only apply for the waiver after two years on active duty. Trump stated he wanted the current policy changed to strengthen the military in all areas. They no longer have to sacrifice their love of sports for their love of duty, which is an incredible boost for morale.

Trump and Kim to Meet Again?

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been exchanging letters recently, and it looks like they may meet face-to-face.

North Korea has been expanding its nuclear arsenal since Trump and Kim last met, which caused the two leaders to cease communication. That changed recently when they started writing letters to each other in an effort to rebuild positive relations. The strategy seems to be working.

Although Trump is not set to meet with Kim at the G-20 summit in Japan, officials are holding talks behind the scenes to arrange a third meeting between the leaders.


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