Save Money on Medical Supplies

Save Money on Medical Supplies

Medical supplies can take a pretty good chunk out of your income if you aren’t careful. The medical industry knows you can’t do without them, and they count on your reliance on them to provide the supplies you need. But, you have more options than you realize.

Shop Elsewhere

A good place to start is by shopping places other than medical supply stores or facilities. Many of them are paid through insurance companies and are free to increase prices as they see fit. That may not seem so bad if your insurance covers 100% of the cost, but what about that deductible and co-pays?
Start shopping around. You may find what you need with online retailers like Amazon for just a fraction of the price you’re paying now. In many cases, you can still deduct the cost from your deductible or health savings plan.

Consider Need

You can also consider what you really need. For instance, if you have diabetic testing supplies leftover from last month, there is no reason to order them right away. And, you may not really need the most technologically advanced equipment. Those things may be convenient, but unless you are using every feature they offer, you’re really throwing money out the window.
Advertise for used items, like wheelchairs and crutches. Many people will sell them to you in good working order for a fraction of the price you’ll pay elsewhere. And, you can rent some supplies, too. If you only need it temporarily, why pay more than you really need to?