Scary New Student Trend

Scary New Student Trend

( – Dares are a regular part of college life, and usually harmless. However, in a high-stakes game to see who could catch COVID-19 first, students in one Alabama town are purposely trying to infect each other. Students put money in a jar, and whoever gets infected first gets the cash. Officials say the students are inviting people who knowingly had COVID-19 to the parties, and were shocked when they discovered it wasn’t merely a rumor. More surprising, research revealed doctor offices and the state were aware of the parties and did nothing to stop them.

While most young people have mild or no symptoms if they contract COVID-19, they risk spreading it to their parents and grandparents. Tuscaloosa is trying to spread the word about the dangers of the parties and break them up if they can be found. They say it’s not a political issue, it’s a public health one.

An investigation is underway, and it’s uncertain if charges could be filed against those who hosted or attended the COVID parties.


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