School Massacre Leaves Parents Mourning for Children

School Massacre Leaves Parents Mourning for Children

( – The rise of Islamic extremism on the African continent has become a significant concern. The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an organization with ties to the Islamic State, are particularly brutal. The terrorists are now accused of carrying out a shocking attack in a Ugandan town near the border of the Republic of Congo.

On June 16, militants entered the Lhubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe just as the students were going to bed. The murderers executed the school’s guards and then tried to enter the boys’ dormitories. When they couldn’t get in through the locked doors, they threw firebombs inside. According to reports, the girls heard the commotion and tried to flee their dormitories. The rebels caught up to them and used machetes to kill them.

In total, 42 people, including 37 of the school’s 63 students, were killed in the attack. Six more students were kidnapped by the assailants. Fred Enanga, the spokesperson for the Uganda Police Force, issued a statement on Twitter and reported that eight victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition. He sent his condolences to the loved ones who lost someone in the attack and said they were praying for them.

On June 19, Enanga issued an update on the case, accusing members of the ADF of carrying out the bloody attack. He said the terrorist organization “will not be able to succeed in demolishing the solidarity of Ugandans” and vowed to continue to “fight against terrorism and extremism.” Six victims of the attack remained in the hospital, including two who were transferred to other facilities with the resources to deal with more serious injuries.

Enanga also stated that at least 20 suspected ADF collaborators were arrested, including the director and headmaster of the school. He said they were detained to help with the investigation. Families have begun laying the victims of the attack to rest.

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