SCOTUS Clears Bridgegate Defendants

SCOTUS Clears Bridgegate Defendants

( – Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) are not always on the same page, as shown by the recent Census Citizenship decision which ended 5-4 against. Rarely will they decide on issues unanimously. Yet that’s what happened in the 9-0 decision to overturn the Bridgegate convictions of Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni.

An Uncanny Outcome

Kelly and Baroni were originally convicted under federal fraud charges in 2016 in connection with their parts in orchestrating traffic chaos on the George Washington Bridge, known to many as the “busiest bridge in America.” The original decision in 2016 resulted in 13-month and 18-month sentences for Kelly and Baroni, respectively.

“The evidence the jury heard no doubt shows wrongdoing — deception, corruption, abuse of power,” Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan added in her comment on the decision to overturn the convictions. Kagan added that because their scheme was not aimed at profiting by obtaining money or property, Kelly and Baroni could not be convicted under the federal statutes.

The President’s Take

President Trump tweeted congratulations to Chris Christie and others involved on their total exoneration. Not only for knowing when to call out offenses but for knowing when to celebrate a victory, President Trump received a lot of support on this recent tweet with several followers including “Stand With Trump” campaign images.

Although a victory is a victory, as President Trump stated “The Democrats are getting caught doing evil things.”

The Supreme Court made the right call by exonerating the fraud charges against Kelly and Baroni. Letting the Left twist the law to suit their purposes is something none of us can afford to allow to happen.

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