Seattle Businesses Say “Enough”

Seattle Businesses Say

( – Things just keep getting worse for Seattle. Some businesses say the consequences of Socialist policies are driving them out of town and the state. Citing policies designed to hurt businesses, some have decided that enough is enough.

Companies are preparing to move out of state to greener pastures with higher standards of living, pro-business policies, and no occupied, cop-free, protestor zones. 

If the current climate weren’t bad enough, last year, the city mandated a $15-per-hour minimum wage. They also require small businesses to provide sick pay, and in some instances, fined companies for leaving the city because the company was losing money.

Businesses cite a lack of leadership, concern for business, and a lack of empathy for those who struggled their entire lives to earn success only to be punished for it.

That alone was enough for Snead Capital Management to tell employees in January the company was leaving for Phoenix, AZ, and taking its billion dollars with it.

However, in the wake of the cop-free occupied zone in Seattle, the company’s CEO Cole Smead said there’s no longer a downtown business community and he’s concerned about what the owners are going to come back to as the city reopens after COVID-19.

Snead Capital is not alone. Clothing store owner Joey Rodolfo told Fox & Friends he was moving his business out of the state due to the “no leadership” and a “socialist” city council. 

Other businesses are likely not far behind.

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