Seattle City Council Give Rioters Free Reign

Seattle City Council Give Rioters Free Reign

( – The City Council in Seattle may as well have raised a white flag over the city with their response to groups like Antifa that continue to incite riots. Now they’ve gone even further.

City leaders passed an ordinance known as CB 119805 which forbids the Seattle Police Department (SPD) from using any “crowd control weapons.” This includes things like pepper spray, rubber bullets, and even water cannons, among others.

SPD Chief Carmen Best advised both the Council and local businesses that these restrictions are so stringent, she felt her officers could not protect themselves or the public should a riot break out. Chief Best sent a letter addressed to local businesses, which essentially said that if a riot breaks out — to paraphrase: you are on your own.

US District Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order, which allowed the chief to deploy officers, 21 of whom were injured doing their duty. America is at a crossroads where anarchists, outlaws, and thugs are using an orchestrated campaign to influence the November presidential election and the Progressive Liberals who hold elected office are abetting them every step of the way.

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