Seattle Mayor Loses Initial Appeal for Recall

Seattle Mayor Loses Initial Appeal for Recall

( – The “summer of love” hasn’t gone according to plan for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. Her city is in utter chaos after riots and an autonomous zone in May and June left six blocks of the city in ruins. Business owners are fed up with crime and are closing shop.

Police Chief Carmen Best has resigned due to a lack of respect for police officers. Now, five Seattle residents have filed a petition to recall the mayor over her actions — or rather, lack of actions — throughout the rioting. 

Initially, the residents filed seven charges to recall Durkin. However, a superior court judge tossed six of them out and is allowing a seventh to proceed.

Durkan is now asking the state supreme court to step in and stop the petition. The remaining charge alleges Durkan failed to implement new police policies allowing tear gas and other chemical agents to be used on protestors.

Now that the case is before the state supreme court, the petitioners are asking the judges to review and reconsider two of the charges removed from the original petition.

The process of removing the mayor is long and lengthy. If approved by the state supreme court, the petition would require over 50,000 signatures of Seattle voters. If this happens, a recall election would be scheduled and it only requires an up or down vote on each charge. 

If only one of the charges receives more than 51% of the vote, the mayor would be removed. At that point, the City Council president would replace the mayor.

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