Seattle Police Chief Calls It Quits

Seattle Police Chief Calls It Quits

( – The first casualty of the “defund the police” movement has been claimed, albeit a bit ironically. Carmen Best, the first Black police chief in the city of Seattle has resigned from her position. She stepped down following the City Council’s vote to cut 100 officers from the force. It’s also their first step toward meeting demands made by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other groups who have held the city hostage, literally at gunpoint, at times.

Mayor Jenny Durkan gave her moral support to the outgoing top cop when she said “make no mistake – Best was the right chief to reimagine policing in Seattle.” She also indicated an immediate search for a replacement would probably be futile because potential candidates wouldn’t “… know what job they’d be applying for…”


America is at a tipping point in its history, where Liberals are making bold strides to rewrite it and replace it with a false narrative that advances their Agenda. When the Democrats start giving in to terrorist groups like Antifa, it really highlights the clear and present danger of having a man like Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

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