Secret Box Being Used to Steal People’s Money

Secret Box Being Used to Steal People's Money

( – Scammers have figured out all kinds of creative ways to steal money from people. From skimmers to phone scams, they seem to try everything. A new con in the UK is particularly disturbing.

According to the Daily Mail, authorities are warning Brits to be careful where they put their debit cards. Fraudsters have reportedly created a secret box they attach to ATMs. This box tricks people into thinking deposits and withdrawals go into the same slot. When a person enters their information to get their cash it looks like nothing has come out of the machine, leaving victims to assume the machine is broken and walk away. The scammer then goes back and collects the money.

Security experts say people should always check for abnormalities when they’re making transactions. Although this scam has not made it to the US yet, it’s something Americans should be aware of just in case.

If you go to an ATM machine that has one slot like that and you know there were two before, don’t put your card in the machine. Then, notify your bank there might be something wrong. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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