Secret Service Agent Accused of Assault in Israel Prior to Biden Visit

Secret Service Agent Accused of Assault in Israel Prior to Biden Visit

Secret Service ASSAULT Allegations – Woman Steps Forward!

( – Over the last decade, the United States Secret Service (USSS) has faced several scandals. In the last year alone, agents hired prostitutes while traveling in Central America, China, and Europe. The agency recently suspended four employees over allegations they associated with individuals who impersonated federal law enforcement officers — the organization assigned one of them to President Joe Biden and the First Lady. Now, an Israeli woman has accused one of America’s supposed best of a brutal attack.

The USSS is an elite agency tasked with protecting the president, his family, and others, as well as investigating crimes involving the US financial infrastructure. In early July, Biden visited Israel before heading to Saudi Arabia. As part of the protection detail, a team always travels ahead of the nation’s chief executive to help prepare for his arrival. An Israeli woman alleges one agent beat her mercilessly, and she fears the US government appears interested in sweeping it under the rug.

Woman Alleges Agent Mercilessly Beat Her

Tamar Ben-Haim is a 30-year-old Israeli citizen. She alleged that before Biden came to town to meet with officials in the country, she was walking home on a Jerusalem street in a residential neighborhood one evening. Just before midnight, Ben-Haim said a large man appeared out of nowhere and began repeatedly punching her in the chest. The young woman described how she became even more frightened when she saw the man’s gun holstered on his hip.

Ben-Haim said the large man was so strong she couldn’t defend herself. The victim added she believed he was going to kill her. Toward the end of the attack, she stated a man began yelling at her attacker in English, pulled him off of her, and the two fled. As they did, she captured two images of the men and provided them to the police.

For three days, Ben-Haim said police were silent while she remained bed-ridden, in extreme pain from her injuries. Apparently, the local police contacted the USSS and detained the man for a short time. Ultimately, they released him.

Will the Victim Receive Justice?

The USSS sent the accused perpetrator home to the United States, suspended him, and stripped his access to government facilities and systems. Ben-Haim said the only way she found out who her attacker was through the local media. A television news station contacted her to request an interview and disclosed that her assailant was a Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team member.

Ben-Haim stated the news was even more devastating. The suspect wasn’t a homeless man, he was a trained killer. According to her, the worst part of the ordeal is that she feels the US government is trying to “sweep this under the carpet.” They sent him home, and officials expect her to go on with life as if nothing happened.

The injured woman is evaluating her legal options.

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