Senate Bill Sets Bizarre Census Requirements

Senate Bill Sets Bizarre Census Requirements
Senate Bill Sets Bizarre Census Requirements

Who is the last person you slept with, and what gender were they? Nevermind, don’t answer that. It’s private information, and as much as we appreciate our readers, we really don’t need to know the answer. Democrats, however, seem to think they have the right to know who we are and who we’re sleeping with. They’re trying to change the 2030 Census to include questions about orientation and same-sex relationships to gather information and “provide LGBT people with more resources,” under the Census Equality Act.

Key Facts

• The newly proposed Census questions will ask about sexual orientation and gender identity. So far, the main concept is to ask people what gender they identify as and what their “current sexual orientation” is.
• It wasn’t immediately clear how they would achieve this goal. Other organizations have offered the option to declare “Other” as a non-descript gender, while still others offer a long list of options, such as “gender-queer.”
• The new changes will also differentiate “same-sex” and “opposite-sex” couples in the guise of better understanding life for gay and lesbian Americans. Democrats claim this is to provide better services for LGBT people, but it’s difficult to determine what that means.
• One interesting point that’s been brought up is that the Census doesn’t even ask people to confirm their citizenship. Illegal aliens have an easier time answering the Census than, say, an American who just wants to keep what they do in the bedroom to themselves.
• Here’s where things get really strange. One of the changes doesn’t just ask about orientation; it also asks surveyed individuals if they are shacked up with an “unmarried” or “married” partner. Cheating on your husband? Divorcing your wife to marry someone else who is divorcing their husband? You now have to tell the government, because that’s real sensible.
• The idea that LGBT people aren’t supported on the census now is patently false. Everyone who’s an American citizen is supported based on facts, not feelings. Whether you’re male, female, or you identify as a sea cucumber, you are still an American with the same rights as everyone else.