Senate Republicans Start Biden Investigation

Senate Republicans Start Biden Investigation

( – The very thing President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for has finally come to fruition — he just wasn’t the guilty party. After being called a “power abuser” and a “tyrant” for simply investigating alleged corruption, the president might just come out on top.

House Republicans haven’t always agreed with Trump, especially not in regards to the conspiracy investigations into the Bidens. After recently-released recordings proved the president’s suspicions, it seems they’ve finally reached the same page.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) stated the public should know how Joe Biden managed to get away with “… using the U.S. government to force a foreign country to stop investigating a company … paying his son over $80,000 a month.”

It wasn’t long ago Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chair of the Homeland Security Committee, sought a subpoena to look into the possible corruption.

With the new evidence, it’s very likely actions like these will be far more effective.

Biden gives a new meaning to controversy and corruption. From insulting an entire race of people to possible collusion with Ukraine, nobody knows what’s gonna turn up next. In any case, hopefully, this turns out to be a fruitful investigation.

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