Senator Manchin Says He Will Vote Against “Crazy” Court Packing (REPORT)

Senator Manchin Says He Will Vote Against

( – Since the election, the moderates and progressives in the Democratic Party have been at each other’s throats. The two factions are blaming the other for the election losses the party suffered on November 3. One senator is now saying he won’t be part of his party’s more nefarious plans.

During an interview with Fox News on November 9, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) discussed the possibility of his party winning the Senate in January 2021. Many members of his caucus repeatedly discussed adding more justices to the high court if they have a supermajority. But he said that he will not support the Left’s “crazy stuff,” like plans to pack the Supreme Court or kill the filibuster.

The likelihood of the Democratic Party taking full control of the Senate in January when the Georgia run-off elections take place is slim. However, it’s a possibility and if Joe Biden wins the election, the Left could potentially pass all of the far-Left policies they want. That is unless people like Manchin step up and prevent it from happening.

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