Senator Tells Families To “Flee” State Over Gender Policies

Senator Tells Families To

( – California is arguably the most liberal state in the union. Democrats seem to test their policies, like sanctuary cities, gay marriage, and gun regulations, out in the state of more than 39 million people before taking them nationwide. The high-tax state is bleeding residents as a result of its policies. A state senator recently suggested more families leave The Golden State.

State Senator’s Advice

On June 13, California’s judiciary committee held a hearing on Assembly Bill 957. During the hearing on the gender-affirming care bill, state Senator Scott Wilk (R) testified, telling residents that he usually suggests they stay and fight when there’s an issue in the state. But now he doesn’t believe that should be the case anymore.

Instead of trying to make changes, Wilk said that if people love their children, they should “flee California.” Making sure people heard him, he repeated his position, “You need to flee.”

The Bill

The legislation seeks to amend Section 3011 of the Family Code. The current law requires the courts to determine the “best interests” of the child. AB 957 adds language to the criteria that judges must consider regarding who gets custody.

Judges will have to consider which parent is affirming the gender of their transgender minor. It would be an extra piece of the puzzle that they could use to determine which parent was more qualified to take custody.

During the hearing, multiple lawmakers asked the bill’s author, Assemblymember Lori Wilson (D), to clarify what the bill means by support. They wanted to know whether the language means offering love and acceptance or includes surgery and medication. Wilson, the mother of a transgender kid, told her colleagues that children like hers are “at a higher risk of depression, mental health crises, self-harm and suicide” when compared to their peers.

Opponents argued the bill could be weaponized and used against parents. Some believe it could lead to parents being charged with child abuse if they refused to support their child’s transition.

Erica Friday, one of the leaders of the group OurDuty, told lawmakers that is what happened to her. She said that when her daughter came out as transgender, she refused to call her child by her chosen name and pronouns. That reportedly led to a visit from Child Protective Services and the police.

Despite the fierce opposition to the legislation, it passed through the chamber with ease. Lawmakers voted 8-to-1 to advance the bill.

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