Senators Push to Block $650M Saudi Weapons Sale

Senators Push to Block $650M Saudi Weapons Sale

( – Saudi Arabia has long been one of the United States’ most important strategic allies in the Middle East. However, that has not come without controversy, especially in the years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A group of bipartisan lawmakers is now pushing back against a weapons sale to the controversial country.

On Thursday, November 18, Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced a joint resolution that seeks to block the sale of air-to-air missiles and other equipment equaling $650 million. The lawmakers are concerned about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen’s civil war.

Saudi Arabia has backed the Yemeni government and the fighting has caused devastation in the country. The war has been going on for almost a decade, leaving more than 200,000 dead. Roughly 25% of the casualties have been children.

Paul released a statement saying lawmakers need to send a message to Saudi Arabia to let the country know America does not approve of its actions in the civil war. The senator explained that allowing the sale would be “rewarding reprehensible behavior” and also “exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.”

Sanders, Paul and Lee could not be farther apart when it comes to their political ideologies, but they all feel the issues in Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s role are so horrifying, both parties must stand together.

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