Senators Reach Tentative Deal on ObamaCare

Senators Reach Tentative Deal on ObamaCare
Senators Reach Tentative Deal on ObamaCare

Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray announced a tentative bipartisan deal this week to preserve some ObamaCare payments to insurers. The move reverses a previous announcement from Trump that all payments and subsidies would be stopped.
If the deal passes successfully, it will extend payments for at least another two years, giving both insurance companies and low-income Americans time to adjust. The deal also gives states the power to modify ObamaCare rules now to better suit their needs.
The POTUS originally asserted that subsidies for low-income Americans caused insurance payments to skyrocket, making the cost to maintain health insurance much higher across the board. The decision resulted in fierce criticism from both Republican and Democratic leaders, who expressed concern about the removal of subsidies causing low-income Americans to go without health insurance at all.
Just hours after announcing partial support for the deal, Trump reversed his decision and spoke out against it in a Twitter post.
“I can never support bailing out ins co’s who have made a fortune w/ O’Care.”

Key Facts

  • The deal must still pass Congress before implementation
  • The POTUS declared hesitant support for the deal, but later reversed his decision
  • If implemented, states can alter or change ObamaCare rules
  • The deal would restore nearly $106 million in ObamaCare funding
  • The tentative deal will allow Americans to buy cheaper health insurance
  • Some GOP members are declaring their intention to fight the deal

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