Serial PREDATOR Released – Victim Steps Forward!

Victim Responds After Serial Predator Released

Victim Responds After Serial Predator Released

( – His victims consider serial “Jogger Rapist” Richard Gillmore a monster. He admitted to raping nine women and young girls in Portland, Oregon, in the 1970s and 1980s. After spending 36 years behind bars, the 63-year-old will go free later this year, classified as a “low-level sex offender.” The last woman he victimized, then a 13-year-old, doesn’t understand how authorities don’t consider someone so heinous a threat to society.

On October 11, Tiffany Edens told Fox News that Gillmore’s classification as a low-level offender was “a slap in the face for myself and the other survivors that were raped by him.” Edens was the last person he victimized. She doesn’t feel the parole board is being realistic about the dangers a man like Gillmore poses by walking free. As a class 1 offender, authorities won’t have to disclose to his neighbors that a sex offender is living in the area.

A risk assessment tool used to score an inmate’s likelihood of reoffending rated Gillmore at low risk. His age was also a consideration. According to Edens, that’s not quite enough. She points out that it might be difficult to gauge how the convicted rapist will respond to seeing teenage girls in real life again, considering there are none in jail. She also believes it’s wrong to consider 63 too old to commit rape.

Other victims also spoke out against the classification. Gillmore was originally booked as a high-level offender because he stalked his victims by jogging past their homes and learning their routines. Those who know his motives all too well believe the people in his neighborhood deserve to know what kind of person lives near their children.

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