Sesame Street Character Gets COVID Vaccine — And Backlash

Sesame Street Character Gets COVID Vaccine -- And Backlash

( – The debate around the COVID-19 vaccine is still raging around the country. Conservatives are adamant parents should have the right to decide whether kids receive the shots. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other members of the GOP are now speaking out after popular a children’s character jumped into the debate.

On November 6, the official Twitter account for Sesame Street’s Big Bird shared a tweet about the big yellow bird getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Senator Cruz slammed the message as “government propaganda.”

President Joe Biden praised Big Bird for getting the vaccination, telling the imaginary bird he was doing the right thing for his neighborhood. Others pointed out the message from the Sesame Street character wasn’t the first time he has told children to get vaccinated. In the 1970s, Big Bird encouraged kids to get the measles vaccine.

Big Bird wasn’t the only character being used in the vaccine campaign, Elmo tweeted about being vaccinated soon as well.

The uproar came just days after kids ages 5 to 11 started getting Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA is currently allowing it under an emergency use authorization.

Some Twitter users expressed concern about the Sesame Street campaign, saying parents should be making decisions based on what their pediatricians say, not what fictional characters are tweeting. Their child’s doctor will know whether or not the vaccine is safe for them or if they’re at higher risk for having a negative reaction. Speaking to a doctor about health decisions is absolutely critical, especially when it comes to children’s health.

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