Shark Attack, Flag Debate and TSA Agents Discover a Unique Souvenir

Shark Attack Ends in Free Drinks

Someone started off Shark Week with an exciting tale to tell. Frank O’Rourk was surfing at a beach in Jacksonville, FL when he was bitten by a shark on his elbow. The professional surfer was treated by lifeguards but decided not to go to the hospital. Instead, he went to the bar to share his tale and get free drinks.

At least made a brief stop at the hospital or maybe a clinic would have made sense, but hey, if there’s a “Best Reason for Getting Free Drinks” award, we’re pretty sure he wins it!

TSA Agents Find Unique Souvenir

Finding odd items in luggage is all part of the job for TSA agents, but on Monday they came across something that shocked even the most jaded agents. These agents are used to seeing odd things in the way of unique souvenirs, but this one takes the cake. Some people bring home cheap plastic gag souvenirs, others bring home treasures they will value for years, but nothing prepared them for finding a missile launcher in someone’s checked baggage.

It turns out the owner of the luggage in question is a member of the military and wanted to bring home the missile launcher as a souvenir. Unfortunately, military weapons are not allowed in carry-on or checked luggage, so the state fire marshal came and picked up the item for disposal. Talk about an interesting day at work!

Wife Offends Liberal by Honoring Husband

In July of 1964, Trooper Charles Black was killed in the line of duty while responding to a bank robbery in South Berwick, Maine. To commemorate his passing, Black’s wife, Mary Black Andrews, put up a Blue Lives Matter flag on a telephone pole at the intersection of her home in York, Maine. It didn’t take long for someone to get offended.

A member from the York Diversity Forum said that the flag could send a racist message and wanted it taken down. Andrews decided to take it down, but was very unhappy about the situation: “God forbid we should offend anyone, it bothers me tremendously. It’s the anniversary of his death. He gave his life to protect the public, and I gave my life to this town, and we can’t even celebrate this person. I’m sorry I offended them. It’s coming down and it won’t happen again.”

This is going too far. Trooper Charles Black gave his life while serving his community and now his poor wife can’t even honor him the way she sees fit. The Liberal agenda is taking over, and we should all be concerned.

What is your opinion? Is the Blue Lives Matter flag racist? Let us know in the comments!

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