Shocking Discovery Made At The White House

Shocking Discovery Made At The White House

( – Thousands of people visit the White House every year to see where the president works, and the first family lives. Officials believe a recent visitor to the most famous address in the world left something illegal behind.

On Sunday, July 2, US Secret Service (USSS) agents found a baggie with powder during their routine inspection of the West Wing. The agents discovered the substance in a storage facility where tour groups and staff members leave their personal phones. President Joe Biden and his family were at Camp David when the Secret Service made the discovery. They left on Friday and didn’t return until Tuesday.

As a precaution, the USSS shut down the White House complex after finding the substance. The District of Columbia Fire Department’s hazmat department tested the baggie to find out what the powder was, and it came back positive for cocaine. The Secret Service doesn’t have drug-sniffing dogs, so they call in local authorities when they find something suspicious in the area.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the issue at a press conference on July 5. She said the Secret Service is investigating the incident and reiterated the first family was not in the West Wing when the agents made the discovery.

Jean-Pierre said the area where the drugs were found is a “heavily traveled area where many White House […] West Wing visitors come through [that] particular area.”

CBS News reported the press secretary revealed there were West Wing tours over the weekend. A law enforcement official who was briefed on the incident reportedly said the leading theory at this point is that someone who was scheduled to go on a tour brought the drugs with them. However, the Secret Service isn’t ruling out any visitors or personnel.

There are cameras in the West Wing, but it’s not yet clear if they captured anyone in possession of the drugs.

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