Shooting Leads Police to Bizarre Find

Shooting Leads Police to Bizarre Find

( – A New Hampshire man is in hot water after an accidental shooting, but it’s not just because he failed to properly secure his weapon. His troubles are the result of what police officers found in his home during the investigation.

In mid-December, Kensington police received a phone call from the hospital that a man was in the emergency room with an abdominal gunshot wound. Officers responded and spoke to the man about his injuries. He told them that he was cleaning a rifle and was accidentally shot when the gun fell off a workbench and discharged a round. The bullet hit him in the stomach. Police went to his home and found a cat-astrophe.

Immediately upon arriving at the home, officers reported there was a strong, unpleasant smell.

Kensington Police Chief Scott Cain told the press that the police discovered the home was overrun by cats and the “inside was completely covered in feline feces and urine.” Officers counted 30 cats right away and called in the New Hampshire SPCA. When officials from the organization arrived, they removed 67 cats from the home. A couple days later, they returned to find five more. In total, authorities removed 72 cats from the home and health officials condemned the home, deeming it uninhabitable.

The man is being charged with discharging his weapon. Police say they don’t know if he’ll also face charges for the cats until reports from a vet come back.

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