Should Muslim Immigrants be Banned from Entering the Country Until the Government Improves its Ability to Screen Out Potential Terrorists?


62% – Yes, Keep America Safe & Secure
11% – No, We are a Nation of Immigrants
23% – Only Until Properly Vetted & Screened
4% – Only Allow Women & Children
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At a December 7th campaign stop in South Carolina, Presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country. The announcement sparked outrage from across the political spectrum with Republicans and Democrats both deeming it unconstitutional. Proponents argue that the government has little idea who is entering the U.S. through its current immigration system and that a temporary ban on Muslims is necessary after the terrorist attack in California. Opponents argue that the proposed ban is unconstitutional and racist towards Muslims.
A Little History
On February 19, 1942, just over two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. It authorized the War Department to designate “military areas” and then exclude anyone from them whom it felt to be a danger. But it had a specific target: the more than 110,000 Japanese Americans living along the West Coast. They would all be forced into internment camps.
How far should a government go to protect its citizens?
The “Germany” Situation
Germany has opened it’s borders to many Muslim immigrants. Although the intentions were good and noble, the country has had it’s fair share of terrorist attacks and its citizen’s assaulted by immigrants not willing to assimilate to the country’s way of life. Could this be a sign of what would happen in the U.S.?
Here is what Germany is doing to appease Muslim immigrants
Americans are a proud melting-pot of immigrants who love and their country and the opportunities it has to offer. Are Americans willing to give in to one culture or appease a certain group just so they feel at home? Are politicians willing to allow certain cultures their own system of government (Sharia Law) while others follow what we have now?
It’s true they say not all Muslims are terrorists and we should not place them all in one basket. But how many times have you seen rallies or protests of Muslim communities condemning acts of violence by terrorists who use religion and wage war against non-believers?
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