Should Parents Who Question Vaccines Be Executed?


Although I briefly became a friend to the anti-vaccine misguided “mob,” it has finally been made clear to me that taking their side is simply too dangerous a position to take. In my defense, though, I need to strongly stress that I was never anti-vaccine.
Then again, many members of the anti-vaccine “mob” also claim that it’s not vaccines they actually oppose—but why dwell on unimportant trivia?

Why Did I Change My Mind on the Growing National Vaccine Debate?

First of all, I want to state categorically that the threats I routinely received from the Vaccine Mafia Police (lovingly referred to as VaMP) had nothing to do with my change of heart.  Neither did the subsequent threats from either the FDA or CDC Vaccine Gestapo Agents—otherwise affectionately referred to as VeeG’uns.
Yes, these characters scared me somewhat (especially when they started getting personal and, more especially, when they told me what could theoretically happen to my friends and family if I failed to comply!).
And, yes, I did not doubt that they meant every nasty word they uttered.
No, what prompted me ultimately to change my mind was the distinct realization that I was simply wasting my time.  There is no way that anti-vaccine “troublemakers” can possibly win—not when you consider what they are up against.
On the “losing” side are the poor Moms and Dads that fear that their children may all come down with autism or any of the other dozens of autoimmune disorders that have been “allegedly” connected to vaccines.  These parents are backed by a few hundred scientists and doctors who, ridiculously, can’t turn down their consciences or go along with, at best (as they see it), questionable science.
On the “winning” side is the multi-billion dollar Vaccine Machine:  a huge conglomerate of Big Pharma facilities, government agencies and related profit-motivated entities; the many billionaires who presently own and control the pharmaceutical industry; and just about all the politicians who have, supposedly, been voted into office in the US . . . when, in fact, they have been appointed by the powers that be.
The Vaccine Machine, furthermore, owns and controls most (if not all) mainstream media outlets, including their huge army of for-sale journalists, correspondents, lobbyists, and spokespersons.  As if this were not enough, they also own (by virtue of the fact that they sponsor, support or pay for 99.9% of all so-called “scientific research” conducted in the US) most (if not all) institutions of higher learning, scientific labs and the many highly-educated scientific “professionals” who work for these facilities.
I changed my mind about supporting the anti-vaccine groups primarily because there is no way they can win against such opposition.  Whatever they find or say will, let’s face it, simply be overshadowed if not completely obliterated by the powers that be.
Even if there were a connection between vaccines and autism, there is no way that the Vaccine Machine will ever let such a fact (or set of facts) ever be conclusively proven.  Vaccines, for obvious reasons (none of which have anything to do with the safety of children or protecting public health), must be protected; there are simply too many jobs riding on them—not to mention that almighty “profit margin.”

What Should We Do with Those Dastardly Vaccine Dissenters?

Now that we all agree that vaccines are too sacrosanct to attack, condemn or even question, the next matter to approach is “What to do with these anti-vaccine troublemakers?”
Some people are suggesting all kinds of “silly” approaches:

  1. Arrest the parents of any child for whom vaccination has been refused or postponed;
  2. Take away the license of any quack—excuse me—“doctor” that sides with the anti-vaccine mobs or that fails to force vaccines upon his/her patients—as if we were living in a democratic republic!
  3. Force all children to be vaccinated whether the parents like it or not;
  4. Put all anti-vaccine troublemakers on no-fly lists (just as we have for political dissenters and journalists who refuse to stick to government-issued propaganda);
  5. Get rid of all exemptions for vaccines—in other words, force all American cattle—excuse me—“citizens” to quietly go along with whatever Big Pharma and Big Brother say, regardless of what rumors they hear or what wacky science they stumbled upon on the Internet.

While these measures are certainly justified and in full compliance with the wishes of our Führer—excuse me—“President,” they simply don’t go far enough or promise to accomplish what, after all, we are really trying to accomplish.
What are we trying to accomplish?  Let’s be frank once and for all by brazenly listing our ultimate national goals:

  • Enforce a eugenics program which will at last give us the type of population that we can all be proud of—i.e., eventually get rid of the crippled, the homeless, the mentally unfit, the genetically inferior, the sick—need I say more?
  • Experiment with vaccines until we create the type of population we want—i.e., use chemicals and even viruses to genetically alter people into what we want them to be;
  • If necessary, use vaccines (as well as every other measure available) to depopulate the earth . . . simply put, there are too many people on earth; the use of vaccines to accomplish this huge task simply cannot be ignored or overlooked;
  • Eliminate once and for all any groups that oppose the will of Big Brother and Big Pharma; these groups are forever plotting, getting in the way and worrying too much about what is and isn’t right . . . such trivialities are not in the best interest of what’s good for the majority and the powers that be.

All this being said, why don’t we just execute all parents that even dare to question the safety and efficacy of all vaccines?
Needless to say, we should also execute every doctor and scientist who has helped fan the flames of divisiveness, dissidence, or standing up for what’s right (whatever that may be).
Finally, we can execute journalists, teachers, law enforcement officials, politicians, etc., who have also stood in the way, aided and abetted the enemy (i.e., anyone opposing vaccines), or in any way questioned the will of Big Pharma and Big Brother.
Why are we wasting time calling for arrests, no exemptions and the taking away of licenses that shouldn’t have been given out to begin with?  These doctors who still oppose vaccines should have been identified even before they entered medical school.  Whatever silly notions, once identified early on, they may have held (such as that patients have a say in medicine or that anyone may question the powers that be), should have been enough to formally declare these people official pariahs.
Consequently, they would not have gotten the credentials that later made them a threat to the System.
By the same token, there should be no freedom of choice and no debates on vaccine efficacy/safety or scientific studies not paid for (and therefore not under the control of) by Big Brother or Big Pharma.
How can complete control be maintained under such namby-pamby conditions?
To re-iterate:  only the execution of anti-vaccine fools can possibly solve all our problems.  Everyone must be vaccinated—the will of the majority demands it!
Actually, the will of the majority is meaningless.  It’s the will of the powers that be that matters . . . but we can keep that to ourselves for now . . .


There is no question that the US has gotten in trouble, to the point of almost losing its mighty place in the global scheme of things, because it has for too long allowed (even if superficially) dissension in the ranks.  Who told these cattle—excuse me—“citizens” that they had a voice, a will and the right to oppose their betters?
Let’s make it clear once and for all no one may oppose the powers that be.  These entities have our best interests in mind.  Big Pharma and Big Brother will take us to the Promised Land, i.e., a land “flowing with Milk Duds and honeys!”
Thanks to the wisdom of these billionaires presently fully in control of our economy, the press, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, the military, the government, etc., humanity will survive long enough to see only those not fit to live get sick.  Vaccines may not be the ultimate tool or even the only tool needed to create the “perfect” humanity envisioned, but they are, at the very least, infallible—why their use or, more importantly, their “intent” can never be questioned!
Execute these misinformed, misguided and disobedient parents.  Only such action can finally quell the misinformed opinions and will of the misbegotten among us.  Only by taking such drastic steps can we prove (once and for all) who’s in charge of not just healthcare or the government but of the world!