Sinema Refuses to Negotiate on Massive Socialist Package Unless Congress Passes Infrastructure Package

Sinema Refuses to Negotiate on Massive Socialist Package Unless Congress Passes Infrastructure Package

( – Despite all the efforts by President Joe Biden to broker a deal between Moderates and the Left, the Democratic infighting continues. The hostilities over the Left’s overreach in attempting to transform America’s economy and society are failing in the absence of a clear mandate from constituents and a president whose poll numbers are sinking daily. Now, Moderate Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) may have backed the Left into a corner, leaving both the bipartisan infrastructure and partisan “human” infrastructure bills dead for good.

The outcome of the two-track infrastructure bills was in question the day Democrats announced their plans. For months, Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema warned the party not to overreach. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and President Biden didn’t take them seriously and tried to steamroll party Moderates. Weeks after the two Centrists killed the $3.5 trillion partisan bill, Democrats are negotiating whether they will meet Manchin’s $1.5 trillion limit. On Wednesday, October 13, Sinema just made the passage of both bills more complicated.

Sinema’s Demands Put the Bills in Jeopardy

So, the game of chicken continues. In a call with House Moderates, Sinema reportedly informed her colleagues her vote for the reconciliation package was off the table until the House passes the bipartisan infrastructure plan. That puts her at direct odds with the Left, who say they will not vote on the bipartisan plan until the Senate passes the reconciliation plan. Democratic leaders for months made promises they knew they couldn’t keep. The party is divided and fractured over real policy issues. Where will things go from here as Biden’s plan continues to be a train wreck?

For several weeks, Sinema received intense pressure from Leftist activist groups who participated in less than appropriate protests. While teaching at Arizona State University, activists raided her classes, followed the senator to the bathroom, and berated her on video. President Biden refused to call out the activists and said it happens to those without Secret Service protection.

One must wonder if the party’s lack of concern for Sinema or censure for harassers may be one more reason for Sinema to double down. It appears so. The senator is making a significant and controversial statement by her actions because the Senate is evenly divided, and the House has only three votes to spare.

What does this mean for the legislation? If Sinema doesn’t back down from her demands or the Left doesn’t cave, both bills are dead. It would be a bitter blow to the Left, who believes this is their one chance to enact their plan to change America. It knows that the majority of Americans are Conservative or Moderate. Only 25% are self-described Progressives. The minority is acting as a majority with massive support it doesn’t have.

In September, it was clear Democrats had boxed themselves in. Nothing is changing, and the Left’s plans are dying on the vine. Unless someone gives something up, nothing appears likely to happen.

That’s good news for Conservatives.

Stay tuned. The war of words could erupt again any time soon.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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