Singing Virginia Officer Goes Viral

Singing Virginia Officer Goes Viral

( – Going viral on social media is a very unpredictable event. Sure, there are ways to maximize the chances of having a post or video become extremely popular out of the blue, but it can also happen to the most unsuspecting of individuals. One of the latest viral videos is more than just a joke or a controversial political take.

The internet recognized a Richmond, Virginia police officer who gave a sudden, yet incredible, gospel performance.

Mervin Mayo, who has been an officer for 15 years and currently serves as a school resource officer, enjoys singing. Whether he’s in or out of uniform, he’ll bust out with a tune at random. This time, it just happened to be caught on camera and shared on social media at the right time.

Mayo also spends some of his time preaching and doing outreach. With all of the craziness going on in the world, it’s nice to see how miraculously the Lord works through some people to touch the lives of others and give hope.

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