Single VOTE Decides Race – Nation In Shock!

Democratic Candidate Wins Election By One Vote After Recount

Democratic Candidate Wins Election By One Vote After Recount

( – Yet again, delays and controversies in counting votes have scarred US elections. More than a week after polling day, some results remained outstanding. A race finally decided on Monday, November 14, shows the importance of accurate counting — and every single voter taking part.

Last week, residents in Manchester, New Hampshire, voted to choose their representatives in the State House. After the initial count of votes in Hillsborough District 16, Republican candidate Larry Gagne was ahead by 1,820 to 1,797, a lead of 23 votes. Yet, after a recount, Democrat Maxine Mosley picked up one vote, and Gagne lost 22. The revised total was 1,799 for Mosley and 1,798 for Gagne, handing the election to Mosley by one vote.

Responding to the upset, Gagne told journalists it was “very unusual” for so many votes to change — a swing one way or another of more than nine is not common — and said he plans to appeal to the Ballot Law Commission. Fellow Republican Will Infantine said, “There’s got to have been a mistake made in the count.”

Whether there was a mistake or not, a knife-edge result like this goes to show that every single vote counts and it’s important that voters get out and cast their ballots on election day.

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