Situation Update: Syria in Utter CHAOS!

Situation Update: Syria in Utter CHAOS!

Ever since President Trump withdrew US troops from northern Syria, the region has undergone mass chaos and strife. Turkey almost immediately launched strikes against the Kurds after our forces pulled back. Additionally, Trump received heavy bipartisan backlash over this decision.

It’s been a rough few weeks for our Commander-in-Chief to say the least.

The situation in Turkey and northern Syria changes daily. Trump and his team are working hard to bring stability to the region while the Kurds are seeking allies in unexpected places. Here are some of the most crucial events taking place in the region that will forever shape its political landscape.

Trump Gives $50 mil to Syria

In an effort to stabilize Syria after Turkey’s onslaught, Trump sent $50 million in emergency relief aid to various Syrian agencies. As per the official statement released on this decision, the aid is directed towards human rights advocates, civil society organizations and support groups for religious and ethnic minorities. Trump tweeted his disdain for the perpetuation of the “forever wars” before announcing this funding decision.

Kurds Side With Damascus

Damascus, the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic and backed by Russia, is now among one of the Kurdish forces’ newest allies. Having few places to turn, the Kurds are betting on the assistance of Russian interests to maintain their homeland. This is a controversial and unexpected move that throws yet another wrench into any plans to de-escalate forces on all sides.

Assad Pushes North

Turkey’s encroachment into northern Syria is in an effort to push back the Kurdish militants they perceive as domestic terrorists and to resettle refugees. A direct consequence of this situation is that the Kurds, who previously fought alongside the US to take down ISIS, can no longer promise the security or stability of ISIS prisons and holding camps.

Everyone has a vested interest in northern Syria, albeit for varying reasons.

Now that the Kurds and Syria are allied, Assad is sending Syrian troops up north to bolster Kurdish forces to keep Turkey at bay.

Trump Imposes Sanctions

Trump has threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey ever since they jumped on the opportunity to strike against the Kurds. He’s officially followed through with his sentiment and is simultaneously calling for a ceasefire. Trump threatened to dismantle the Turkish economy if they’re not going to play ball.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had this to say in a statement on the situation:

If Turkey’s operation continues, it will exacerbate a growing and daunting humanitarian crisis, with potentially disastrous consequences. To avoid suffering further sanctions imposed under this new executive order, Turkey must immediately cease its unilateral offensive in northeast Syria and return to a dialogue with the United States on security in northeast Syria.

-Mike Pompeo

The ball is in Turkey’s court now that Trump is imposing sanctions for their overeagerness to attack Kurdish forces. It’s highly likely that Turkey will comply, but there’s still a chance that it continues to press further into Syria in spite of common sense.

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